2012 April Show Appearances: C2E2 and Anime Central

I am happy to announce not one, but TWO upcoming shows in April, and both happen to be in Chicago! First up is C2E2 (also known as the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) April 13th – 15th. This is my third time at this great show put on by the fine folks at Reed Pop, and I am happy to be returning.
Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo Logo

I will be crawling around on the floor for three days making one of my giant chalk murals, and the sponsor of this piece is Shifty Look. Shifty Look is the awesome undertaking of Namco Bandai Games, and is a website where game properties and characters, some from a LONG time ago, are being given new life through really cool webcomics!

Shifty Look logo

I’ll be working with the likes of Sky Kid, Xevious, and Bravoman in the mural. The other exciting aspect is that this is from my own illustration, unlike most other murals where I am recreating another artists work line-for-line. I still had to make it resemble the webcomics characters and be true to the original artist’s designs, but this piece definitely has my own spin on things. Look for my Shifty Look mural near the event stage!

Just two weekends later, I will be appearing at the Anime Central Convention on April 27th – 29th. I have never been to this convention before, so I am honored to be taking part in the celebration and creating a Madoka Magica mural artwork for the show!

Shifty Look logo

I am looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends at these shows, and making even more new ones. As always, I will be recording time lapse videos of the mural work, and posting them online not long after the show, so stop back and check out the videos!

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