A Star Wars Celebration Update (with cool photo)

Hey everyone, just wanted to put a quick post up because I know a number of you are looking for the time lapse video of my Star Wars Celebration Clone Wars chalk mural from last weekend. Well, the video is edited together and done… and it looks great. I am super excited and so happy with how it all came out, I am now just waiting on permission to post the piece which will hopefully come very soon!

A quick cool side note, click on the link to check out this Wide Angle Photo of the chalk mural taken by Matt Dougherty at the show and posted on Flickr.

Tomorrow night (Sunday the 22nd) I plan on completing and posting my blog about the show, which will have progress shots from the mural, photos from the show itself, and a great top down view of the finished piece which I am so glad I got because everyone sees such a distorted view during the convention (something else I am also working on changing for future appearances.)

So PLEASE give me a few days and check back for the time lapse, I’ll be sure to put it on my Pepper Ink Facebook Fan Page and update my Pepperink Twitter Page as well.

See you soon!
– Eric

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