Eric Maruscak Chalk Art Magazine Article

Artizen Magazine Chalk Art Article

Out of the blue I was contacted by Artizen Magazine to let me know that they had published an article about chalk art, and I was one of the artists they were featuring. Below is an image showing the spread where my art makes an appearance. I was proud to be listed amongst the likes of Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner, both masters of the art form.

Click Here to see the Artizen Chalk Art article.

It is an honor to be recognized, and it is greatly appreciated. I also think it was cool that they embedded the video of my 3D Robot Chalk Art from the World Science Festival and that it plays automatically when you open the page with my art on it. A wonderful publication that everyone should check out. It is FREE online, and you can either find them at the links I have given above, or on Facebook at their Artizen Magazine Fan Page.

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