Bat-n-Furter and Riff Robin

Batman in High Heels?

Jill Pantozzi has written for a number of websites including Newsarama, MTV Splash Page, and The Mary Sue. A geek-girl of the highest order, I’ve seen her at several conventions, and her love and knowledge of pop culture is astounding.

Recently she posted on Facebook about wanting to see drawings of Batman in high heels. Originally I wasn’t sure where the idea came from, but it got me thinking of a unique mash-up, and the final result is what you see here. Well, not quite final… I’ve sketched a few other characters including a “Rocky” Bane, and Joker/Harley Quinn “Brad and Janet” but I haven’t finished them yet.

After I completed the image I realized that she wanted Batman FIGHTING in high heels, to point out the ridiculousness of many female comic costumes as highlighted by Catwoman‘s footwear choice in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises flick directed by Christopher Nolan.

Looks like I have to pay attention more when I start a drawing project, but I still dig my Rocky Horror/Batman mash-up! What do you think?

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