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Big Apple Con 2009 Chalk Art Mural Appearance

Hey everyone. If you haven’t heard, I am on the guest list and will be appearing at the Big Apple Con this October 16th through the 18th. What will I be drawing this time around? I don’t know yet, but I expect final art to come this week. I see that some of the guests of honor include Jim Lee and Joe Quesada, as well as Joe, Andy and Adam Kubert and even William Shatner, so I guess the sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities.

I have already made one Joe Quesada mural earlier this year and his art is killer in two ways, killer good and killer on my fingers, so I am torn as to making another one of those. You can see my photos of that comic book chalk mural at my Wizard World Philadelphia 2009 Spiderman Chalk Art Post here.

I hope everyone can make it down for the show, it promises to be a fantastic weekend with a guest list 5 miles long! Expect cool things, but mostly just come to see the chalk art because, really… what else can top that?

And stop back here the week after the show to see photos of the work in progress and the finished art, as well as costume photos, celebrity snap shots and maybe a video or two.

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