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Category — Digital Painting

Sumi and Kei Digital Paintings

I have been working on a graphic novel concept for some time now. It is called Sumi and Kei Rule the World, and features two teenagers caught up in amazing and nightmarish circumstances as they battle to survive a world that is turning increasingly more and more bizarre.


February 25, 2009   No Comments

Digital Painting – Light Bringer

The Light Bringer. A digital painting by Eric Maruscak which was a conceptart.org Creature of the Week contest entry.

I truly loved taking part in the Creature of the Week contests over at conceptart.org and I am hoping to get back to it some time this summer. This was one of the LAST attempts I made and it was also one of my favorites over my short run of C.O.W. entries. I started playing more with full digital painting in Adobe Photoshop. I was trying to break out the habit of using strong, bold lines. It was a trait from my cartooning, and it was difficult to let go.

February 10, 2009   No Comments

Troll Fighting?

A Digital Painting of Troll Fighting found on the back of the business card for Illustrator  and Digital Painter Eric Maruscak.

For anyone who has made it out to the New York City Comic Con, a Wizard World show, the New York Anime Festival, or any of the number of conventions I’ve been a chalk artist at and met me in person, you’ve probably received one of my business cards. For those who actually read it, they often laugh and ask me one question: What on earth is Troll Fighting? You see, my card lists me as an Illustrator, a Cartoonist, and a Graphic Artist… but it is that fourth item of Troll Fighting that people find the most interesting. In truth it is a simple story that doesn’t involve knightly heroics or internet invasions.

January 29, 2009   No Comments