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Marvel Films Hoody Designs for San Diego Comic Con

I was incredibly excited to be asked to design several hoodies for the Marvel Comics store at San Diego Comic Con this year. Everything was all hush-hush and TOP SECRET until the show, so I couldn’t talk about the work I had done. But now that they have been SOLD OUT, I guess it is OK to show my initial concept designs.

Hoody Deisgns by Eric Maruscak. Click any image to Enlarge
Captain America Hoody design for Marvel at San Diego Comic Con by illustrator Eric Maruscak.
Rocket Raccoon Hoody design for Marvel at San Diego Comic Con by illustrator Eric Maruscak.
Star Lord Hoody design for Marvel at San Diego Comic Con by illustrator Eric Maruscak.

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Hellboy Original for C2E2 Art Auction

Hellboy original pencil art by illustrator Eric Maruscak.
9"x12" Pencil Original. Click to enlarge.

I love C2E2, it is a fantastic show with a great atmosphere and wonderful fans. It is also a show that likes to give back. This year they are having their Third Annual C2E2 Charity Auction to benefit The St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and a large number of amazing artists are contributing work for the cause. I wanted to contribute as well, so I have included the original Hellboy piece above as my entry into the auction.

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Batman in High Heels?

Cartoonist and Illustrator Eric Maruscak draws Batman as Dr. Frank-n-Furter from the Rockey Horror Picture Show, with Robin as Riff-Raff.

Jill Pantozzi has written for a number of websites including Newsarama, MTV Splash Page, and The Mary Sue. A geek-girl of the highest order, I’ve seen her at several conventions, and her love and knowledge of pop culture is astounding.

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The-Gutters.com Issue # 238 Illustration

Cartoonist and Illustrator Eric Maruscak draws installment #238 of the webcomic, the-gutters.com featuring the Green Lantern, the Flash, and the mystery DC Woman Pandora.

Just this past weekend I illustrated an installment of The-Gutters.com, a webcomic lampooning all sides of the comic book industry, from the characters and stories to the creators themselves, and even some picking on the fans from time to time too. (We certainly deserve it.) It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to do another.

January 10, 2012   1 Comment

Chapter Illustrations for The Knight Seeker

Artist and Illustrator Eric Maruscak draws several comic book style illustrations for the novel Knight Seeker by Eric M. Cooper.

Last year, I was asked by my friend Eric M. Cooper to create a few illustrations for his novel Knight Seeker. If you’ve been to a comic convention, you’ve probably seen Eric in artist alley, dressed in his blue Knight Seeker costume and sharing info about his wonderful story to everyone around. I had been familiar with the book for a while, but Eric told me he was in the process of putting together a new edition where a different artist would create a few illustrations based on each of the chapters. Of course I was in.

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Random Pencil Sketches Part 1

A pencil sketch of a horror version of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz by illustrator Eric Maruscak.

Just wanted to drop a quick post this evening to show some older work. Even though I am known mostly as a chalk artist, I still consider myself an Illustrator first are foremost. I work in a number of different formats, and don’t like to lock myself in to the chalk art mold as that ignores so many other things I like to do. Since I was a young child I loved to doodle with a pencil as much as possible. Unfortunately this included inappropriate times, like when everyone else was working on math, and in inappropriate places, like ON my math book!

March 17, 2009   No Comments

Zombies… we all love them.

Zombie sketches done in both traditional and digital pencil by illustrator Eric Maruscak.

Zombies. Everyone loves them. C’mon, admit it. Even your Grandmother thinks zombies are awesome! They make for great movies and for great illustrations too. For anyone who has even approached the art form of sequential storytelling and comic books zombies are a MUST draw from time to time. They even play a role in a graphic novel I am working on. Truth be told, they probably play a part in most peoples would-be graphic novels these days and there are probably one hundred thousand zombie concepts floating around in artists heads. But for some reason, they keep coming back, I guess the undead have a way of doing that… coming back.

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Creature of the Week – Part II

The last time I talked about entering the Creature of the Week contest over at conceprtart.org, I showed a few examples that went over well with the group, but never got me very close to being the top vote getter. This illustration and concept art weekly contest is very competitive sometimes, and a number of the best artists working in the field today browse these boards regularly and take part in events, so you really have to up your game as much as possible.

The Venomous Bird conceptart.org Creature of the week entry. Illustration by concept artist Eric Maruscak.

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