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Star Wars Hoodies & Shirt Designs for Celebration VII

I was asked to make a number of designs for items at the Star Wars Celebration VII show store this year. Below are my designs for several hoodies and a mechanic shirt.

Hoody & Shirt Deisgns by Eric Maruscak.
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Bossk the Bounty Hunter Hoody design for ReedPop and Lucasfilm at Star Wars Celebration VII by illustrator Eric Maruscak.
Biker Scout Hoody design for ReedPop and Lucasfilm at Star Wars Celebration VII by illustrator Eric Maruscak.
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Mechanic Shirt design for ReedPop and Lucasfilm at Star Wars Celebration VII by illustrator Eric Maruscak.
Below are some detail views of the Mechanic Shirt Art.
A detail view of the Star Wars Mechanic Shirt left chest embroidery artwork. A detail view of the Star Wars Mechanic Shirt right chest embroidery artwork. A detail view of the Star Wars Mechanic Shirt full back printed artwork.

May 15, 2015   1 Comment

PanelsonPages.com Fangirl of the Month Calendar

panelsonpage.com fangirl of the month

I was honored to be asked to be one of the participating artists for the 2012 Fangirl of the Month Calendar created by the fine folks over at panelsonpages.com. Have you been to panelsonpages.com? Well, they provide the official video from the New York Comic Con, do cool things like post the ENTIRE AVENGERS PANEL from NYCC, and they are an awesome source for pop culture (hence the name) from comics to wrestling, television to… well, you name it. They also have a network of podcast shows which are great entertainment, and from time to time you can hear me as a guest on Tuesday nights with my own take on things.

November 28, 2011   No Comments

Podcast Appearance on Jason D. Moore’s Graphic Talk Radio

graphic talk radio logo

My good friend recently relaunched his website at jasondmoore.com with a focus on graphic design. Jason is an amazing photographer, web designer and graphic artist who also does video production, training and more.

He has also started a podcast called Graphic Talk Radio which is "an educational audio podcast dedicated to graphic design, web design, freelancing, and the tools that help us do our work." I’ve recently made his podcast my top link to the right.

I had the pleasure of talking with Jason on the third episode of his podcast. We discussed my history with graphic design, what it was like when computers really took over the scene, working with clients and bosses, and more. It was a great time.

Click here to listen to Eric Maruscak on Graphic Talk Radio.

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The Galaxy Cast guest appearance

The other day I spent some time with a few hilarious guys who REALLY know their Star Wars stuff. Bob Crissman, Dan Westbrook and Gary Boughton live and breathe Star Wars, and I had the pleasure of being a guest on episode 46 of their podcast which is called…


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A Star Wars Celebration Update (with cool photo)

Hey everyone, just wanted to put a quick post up because I know a number of you are looking for the time lapse video of my Star Wars Celebration Clone Wars chalk mural from last weekend. Well, the video is edited together and done… and it looks great. I am super excited and so happy with how it all came out, I am now just waiting on permission to post the piece which will hopefully come very soon!

August 21, 2010   No Comments

Photos from the C2E2 Alex Ross Avengers Chalk Mural

Illustrator Eric Maruscak recreates the official Avengers themed poster of the C2E2 convention featuring Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk. Original art by Alex Ross.

So as many of you, most of you, or perhaps even all of you already know, I appeared at C2E2 a few weeks back. I had been asked by the show to make one of my chalk art mural reproductions of the official C2E2 poster artwork. This was a fantastic painting made by none other than super-artist Alex Ross. It featured Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and a very small Ant Man and The Wasp practically hidden in Hulk’s hair.

May 10, 2010   No Comments

C2E2 Mural sketch in Time Lapse

My second time lapse video blog. The sketch for the C2E2 chalk mural. A recreation of the official convention poster by Alex Ross. I also provide an answer to one of my more frequently asked questions at conventions. Enjoy, and as always let me know what you think.

April 10, 2010   1 Comment

Time Lapse Photography Video

So I’ve made a new purchase, a Ricoh GX100 digital camera. This awesome little piece of equipment is going to allow me to do something I’ve wanted for a long time… take time lapse videos of my chalk mural creations from start to finish.

April 6, 2010   4 Comments