Chalk Recreation of Luke Ross Captain America Artwork

I was asked to attend the Little Falls New York Third Thursday Celebration for a 2nd time back in July to speak with a class at the Arts Center, and make an original chalk art mural the same day. Since it wasn’t long after the 4th of July holiday, I decided to be patriotic and create a Captain America image as my chalk art. I searched, and found an original illustration by the very talented Luke Ross, and new immediately this would be what I would create.

The final art is 7 feet wide by 10 feet tall, and was completed in 6 hours. The fact that I had to stop for two and a half hours in the middle to teach chalk art at the local Arts Center, showing people my techniques for coloring on the pavement and helping them to recreate an entire SECOND mural of their local Baseball Team’s Diamond Dogs logo made it more challenging. Plus the fact that it threatened rain several times that day and started sprinkling at least twice added to the stress. But I never stopped, and in the end I am happy with how everything went that day.

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