Chapter Illustrations for The Knight Seeker

Last year, I was asked by my friend Eric M. Cooper to create a few illustrations for his novel Knight Seeker. If you’ve been to a comic convention, you’ve probably seen Eric in artist alley, dressed in his blue Knight Seeker costume and sharing info about his wonderful story to everyone around. I had been familiar with the book for a while, but Eric told me he was in the process of putting together a new edition where a different artist would create a few illustrations based on each of the chapters. Of course I was in.

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Well, since then time has just flown by as it is often known to do, and the illustrated edition is out and available. You can check it out at Eric’s Knight Seeker website, along with his second novel in the series, Knight Seeker II: Crimes of Passion. Below are some images of my illustrations from the book, my chapter was entitled The Slaughter, needless to say I had a blast drawing for it. These illustrations were traditional pencil sketches that I then scanned in and completed in Adobe Photoshop.

And if you buy the book, be sure to get the ILLUSTRATED EDITION because, well, my art is in it. Do you need another reason?

See you soon!
– Eric

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