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Jimmy vs. Vampires – UPDATED!

Jimmy vs. Vampires book cover, with art by Illustrator Eric Maruscak

In my last post I talked about one of my illustration projects with author J.B. O’Neil called Grandma vs. Zombies. Another book in the Family Avengers Series is Jimmy vs. Vampires. While the book is complete and the illustrations done, it is not yet available to order, so why don’t I give you a little sneak peak at the fun?

Below are some of the images from the interior of Jimmy vs. Vampires, the story of the youngest member of the Family Avengers as he takes on the worst threat his town has ever seen. Vampires are ruthless, cunning, and very dangerous, so of course Jimmy decides the best thing to do is to take them all on by himself. Will he get out alive? Will he become dinner for the undead? Will he ever get time to just play some video games? Watch for Jimmy vs. Vampires coming soon!


The book is now available.
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Vampire powers and Weaknesses. Illustration by cartoonist Eric Maruscak. Jimmy's weapons. Illustration by cartoonist Eric Maruscak. Jimmy meets the lead vampire. Illustration by cartoonist Eric Maruscak.
Jimmy leaps from the arcade window. Illustration by cartoonist Eric Maruscak. Garlic Burmp vampire cartoon. Illustration by cartoonist Eric Maruscak.


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