Library Chalk Art Class 2008 – The Incredible Hulk

My last post was on my 2007 library chalk art summer class, so here are some images from the 2008 session. For this year the class was moved to a shadier spot behind the library where the sidewalk was divided into nice even squares along the back drive. Once again I used comic book art as the subject matter for my demonstration mural, this time it was an Ed McGuinness illustration of The Incredible Hulk. I completed about 90% of the image before the students arrived, then worked with them on their chalk drawing technique over the next three hours.

A lot of the kids love that I draw comic book chalk images, and often want to make their own. In the square next to me, one of the students was working from a photo of Iron Man, and I had to laugh as I was very familiar with that image. Earlier that year I had recreated the exact same photo in my Summer Blockbusters Chalk Art Mural at Wizard World LA. I had stared at all the details in that photo for probably close to 10 hours, and now here it was again right next to me months later.

The kids did a great job, and the sidewalk chalk drawings were especially colorful that summer. Fortunately, the thunderstorm that rolled through waited until about 20 minutes after the class was over before it let loose, so everyone was able to complete their artwork.

Enjoy these few photos from the event.

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