Library Chalk Art Class 2010 – 3D Hole

So just last week I completed my most recent session in a series of summer sidewalk chalk art classes at the George F. Johnson Library. Once again, as always seems to happen, we had a number of beautiful sunny days followed by rain and thunderstorms predicted on the day of my class. Fortunately we decided to ignore the forecast and go for it anyway, and wouldn’t you know it the rain held off all day (besides for two specific drops that hit my arm) and the class was a success!

Once again I noticed a fair number of comic book images popping up around me, along with some Star Wars art and a baseball player. Even more interesting this year was the off-beat subject matter that was made, including the cover to the Muse Album Resistance, and the Money You Could Save By Switching to Geico (complete with google-eyes.) I love to see how the kids and young teens always surprise me in directions I never would have considered.

This year, I decided to create an example of the popular 3D chalk art that is always showing up in forwarded e-mails. However, due to a schedule conflict I arrived with only 40 minutes before the start of class. My usual chalk art demonstration pieces take about 3 hours to make, so by the time I set up my materials and got to work 25 minutes before students were schedules to arrive I knew this would be a ridiculously rushed piece. But I was pleasantly surprised by the finished chalk drawing that, though small and a bit off in perspective, was still a good example of the 3D effect that can be achieved in anamorphic chalk art.

Enjoy the photos, and as always let me know what you think,

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