Marvel Films Hoody Designs for San Diego Comic Con

I was incredibly excited to be asked to design several hoodies for the Marvel Comics store at San Diego Comic Con this year. Everything was all hush-hush and TOP SECRET until the show, so I couldn’t talk about the work I had done. But now that they have been SOLD OUT, I guess it is OK to show my initial concept designs.

Apparently there was a 3 hour wait to buy items at the Marvel Store, and the hoodies were some of the most popular items. Check out this article for a first hand account:

“I waited in line three hours at comic con just to buy a sweatshirt.”

Now, of course I credit that to the fact that they were iconic character designs such as Captain America, and the super popular Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy… but it was still cool to hear they did so well.

Hopefully I get to do more of these in the future. Until then, let me know what you thought of these designs in the comments below. And if anyone happened to get one of these, I would love to see photos!

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