VIDEO: NY Anime Soul Eater Chalk Art unveiled at the FUNimation Offices

OK, this its TOTALLY cool. As I mentioned in my last post I recently appeared at the New York Anime Festival and created a 9 foot wide by 13 foot tall chalk art mural based on the Anime Soul Eater. The piece took 30 hours to make, and everyone seemed pleased with the end result. At the end of the show we were even able to stand the mural for a few hours so that everyone could get great pictures of it. You can see the photos of the progress and finished chalk art in my New York Anime 2009 Soul Eater Chalk Art Mural post here.

Then, when the show was over, we rolled up, boxed and shipped the mural back to the FUNimation offices. I tried to be as careful as I could with the art, but there was just no way of knowing what condition it would arrive in. Well, just the other day I found out! Below is a video of them hanging the finished mural in their offices. From the looks of things it arrived in pretty good shape, and hopefully they can have it up for a while so that everyone who didn’t make it out to the show can enjoy it.

Soul Eater Chalk Mural Unveiled in FUNimation Offices

You can find more videos on my Youtube channel that include a full episode of the art show Expressions which talked about my chalk work, interviews from various conventions, and even a music video documenting my Wizard World Philadelphia appearance. Enjoy!

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  1. When. They first unfurled the piece I thought, “oh man, you can’t see the signature!” But then they quick fixed that… lol. Nicely done!

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