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Artizen Magazine Chalk Art Article

Out of the blue I was contacted by Artizen Magazine to let me know that they had published an article about chalk art, and I was one of the artists they were featuring. Below is an image showing the spread where my art makes an appearance. I was proud to be listed amongst the likes of Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner, both masters of the art form.

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World Science Festival Photos – 3D Chalk Art Robot

Artist Eric Maruscak from pepperink.com, creates a 3D Robot and Space themed street chalk art at the World Science Festival in New York City, Spring 2012.

I was asked to make an appearance at the World Science Festival Street Fair on June 3rd, 2012 in New York City. Due to issues with weather, and the nature of most conventions where I now make appearances, I don’t create as many outdoor chalk murals as I used to. It is fun to come back to this type of event, and have the rush of dealing with the elements, the nature of outdoor event crowds, and the difficulty of the surface. All add to the challenge, and all make the final piece that much more rewarding.

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Anime Central Photos – Madoka Magica Chalk Art

Eric Maruscak, artist from pepperink.com, creates a giant Madoka Magica chalk mural for Aniplex at the Anime Central Convention in Rosemont, Illinois.

Once again I delve into the not-so-distant past to catch up on some posts that I never got around to making about some show appearances and chalk art. So lets hop on the Way-Back machine and have Mr. Peabody teach us a condescending lesson, shall we?

We return to the distant, mythical land of Chicago, where I was asked in April to make my first ever appearance at the Anime Central Convention. I was to create a mural of the Anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica for Aniplex of America.

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C2E2 Photos – Shiftylook Chalk Art Mural

Illustrator and chalk mural artist Eric Maruscak creates a mural for Shiftylook.com based video game properties of the Namco Bandai Group. The mural was created at the 2012 C2E2 Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

With so much going on, I’ve been behind on posts, so it is time to play a little catch up. Thanks for bearing with me as I take this walk down RECENT memory lane.

This one goes all the way back to April, when I once again appeared at the C2E2 Convention (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) at McCormick Place where I spent 30 hours on the floor creating a chalk mural for shiftylook.com, a website with ties to the Namco Bandai Group.

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Video: 3D Chalk Art from World Science Festival Street Fair

Last weekend was the World Science Festival, and I was asked to create a 3D chalk mural for the Street Fair portion of the event along the south side of Washington Square Park in New York City. The themes of this years festival were "The Elegent Universe" and Robotics. So it was my job to create an illustration that would combine those two ideas, could be drawn as street art in about 8 hours time on a busy sidewalk in Manhattan, and have a 3D effect when it was done.

June 9, 2012   3 Comments

Video: Anime Central Madoka Magica Chalk Art Time Lapse

Last weekend was the Anime Central 15th Anniversary Convention at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. I was asked to appear at the show and make a chalk art of the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which is distributed by Aniplex USA. When I first saw the art, I knew this was going to be a tough one, especially coming on the heels just two weeks after my last trip to Chicago for C2E2 and the ShiftyLook chalk art mural.

May 4, 2012   3 Comments

Video: Shiftylook Chalk Art Time Lapse from C2E2 2012

It was my great honor to appear at the 3rd annual C2E2 convention and create a chalk mural for shiftylook.com. If you are not familiar with Shiftylook, they are an off-shoot of Namco Bandai games, where old video game characters are updated and given new life through webcomics. Their tagline is "Video Game Characters Reborn!", and it is very fitting. They are free to read at the site, so go enjoy yourself!

April 23, 2012   1 Comment

Video: Anime Central Madoka Magica Chalk Art Time Lapse Teaser

Coming up April 27th – 29th, I’ll be at the Anime Central Convention making a chalk mural for Aniplex of Madoka Magica. Recently I set out my paper and created the full size 9 feet wide by 12 feet tall sketch which took about 7 hours. Above is the time lapse video of the process.

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