The Galaxy Cast guest appearance

The other day I spent some time with a few hilarious guys who REALLY know their Star Wars stuff. Bob Crissman, Dan Westbrook and Gary Boughton live and breathe Star Wars, and I had the pleasure of being a guest on episode 46 of their podcast which is called…


In short, it was a blast. The podcast is hosted at Bob’s house, and his studio is the ultimate man-cave of Star Wars and science fiction awesomeness! You would be hard pressed to find a novel, see a movie, play a game, or know some odd bit of trivia that one of the three weren’t already familiar with, and coming from a life-long Star Wars fan I can only say I was truly impressed.

We spent the evening watching two episodes of the Clone Wars TV show, then reviewing them for the podcast. We also talked about the upcoming release of the Star Wars films on blue ray, and had some great video game system discussion as well. To me this was an extra special event because I was finally seeing the episodes “Nightsisters” and “Monster” that introduced Savage Oppress to the world. As those of you familiar with my art know, I was fortunate enough to be the artist who introduced this character to the masses at Celebration V in Orlando, Florida this past summer. Now to be honest, George Lucas did the official announcement to about four thousand convention goers who were lucky enough to see his talk with John Stewart at the show. But for the remaining 20,000 people in attendance, as well as to the masses on the internet, I got to provide the first look at the character who just so happens to be Darth Maul’s BROTHER with my Celebration V Clone Wars Chalk Mural.

The episodes were great, and even though we had a fun time dissecting them and finding any and all detail flaws that we could, we all agreed that they were some of the best episodes the show has ever offered and can’t wait to see more next week.

So check out the Galaxy Cast on iTunes, or find them at the link I’ve provided above, and be entertained by four SERIOUS Star Wars fans getting their nerd on.

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