I have done webcomics for various sites over the years, and one I enjoy coming back to (when they’ll have me) is Not what you’d call family friendly, the-gutters is as it’s name implies, a down-and-dirty look at the comic industry and all of the things that go with it. Below are my finished drawings and inks for my to strips, click on either to enlarge.

The language can be harsh, the subject matter can be severe, (I make all of these warnings since I know a lot of people show their kids my artwork) but the insights and skewing are always dead-on and it is funny as hell.

Above are the pen and ink cartoons I supplied for two gutters editions. Simply click on an image to enlarge it. The comic is written by the very talented Ryan Sohmer, so if your kids see this and have mental scars feel free to go tell HIM!

Here are the links to the finished comics with colors and text.

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