Toy Fair 2014 Chalk Art Photos

I have been honored to create art at the International Toy Fair for the Toy Industry Association on three separate occasions. Most recently I was given the theme of “Creative Play” and asked to run with it. Unlike previous works I have made, this time we decided to create 4 individual panels instead of one large illustration. This was both to fit in the space provided on the show floor, and so that the finished images would also fit in the Toy Industry Association’s offices after the shown.

The convention was amazing, and there is so much to see there as it takes up the entire Javitz Center in New York City for four days. I have a high traffic spot near the entrance, and it was great that so many people not only saw my work, but that they also stopped by to find out more about what it is that I do.

I divided the art into four sections, each with a different imaginative child playing a different role. The four sections were “The Superhero”, “The Astronaut”, “The Pirate”, and “The Cowboy”. I was very pleased with how the original artwork turned out, and after nearly 40 hours of work, the large scale images were done. Check out the gallery of progress and finished shots below.

You can also find the original cartoon art for this, as well as other drawings, in my Cartoon Gallery.

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