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Troll Fighting?

A Digital Painting of Troll Fighting found on the back of the business card for Illustrator  and Digital Painter Eric Maruscak.

For anyone who has made it out to the New York City Comic Con, a Wizard World show, the New York Anime Festival, or any of the number of conventions I’ve been a chalk artist at and met me in person, you’ve probably received one of my business cards. For those who actually read it, they often laugh and ask me one question: What on earth is Troll Fighting? You see, my card lists me as an Illustrator, a Cartoonist, and a Graphic Artist… but it is that fourth item of Troll Fighting that people find the most interesting. In truth it is a simple story that doesn’t involve knightly heroics or internet invasions.

When I printed my cards up through a company called bosslogo.com (highly recommended and very reasonable) I wanted to put an illustration on the back as a mini-portfolio piece. I thought it would be funny to have one outrageous thing listed on the card to actually see if anyone was reading it. So now I always know when people glance then put the card their pocket they didn’t actually read it. It is the people who ask me What the Heck is Troll Fighting that I KNOW read the card. Kind of a little in-joke to myself. Once I thought Troll Fighting was pretty funny, I came up with an image on the back of me fighting said Troll with a giant brush. And that is the digital painting you see on this page.

So if you have one of my business cards but never heard the story, you probably were a little confused. Well, now you know. And for those who don’t have a card yet, be sure to ask for one… I’ve got thousands of them!


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