Video: 3D Chalk Art from World Science Festival Street Fair

Last weekend was the World Science Festival, and I was asked to create a 3D chalk mural for the Street Fair portion of the event along the south side of Washington Square Park in New York City. The themes of this years festival were “The Elegent Universe” and Robotics. So it was my job to create an illustration that would combine those two ideas, could be drawn as street art in about 8 hours time on a busy sidewalk in Manhattan, and have a 3D effect when it was done. I think the final mural as seen at the end of the above video turned out really well for having to meet all of those criteria in a short period of time.

Though not my primary art style, I have done several of the 3D anamorphic chalk murals from time to time, you can find more in my Chalk Art Gallery.

There are other chalk painters who are world famous for their 3D street art. Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner are the two of the most well known practitioners of this art form. Their work is truly astounding, and since they already have such a dominant place in the 3D chalk art niche, I have choosen to focus my efforts on my pop-culture based Comic Book, Video Game and Anime chalk murals. That said, I look forward to more opportunities to create 3D art in the future, and hopefully it won’t rain!

I had a great time at the festival, and hope to come back to NYC soon for more events. In the meantime, enjoy the video and let me know what you thought in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Video: 3D Chalk Art from World Science Festival Street Fair”

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  2. This one is really cool. I love how it looks like the robot is sitting up with his feet hanging down. Was that “elegant” universe, though, or am I missing something?

  3. I had to work the theme of The Universe in there somehow. The hole opening into space was the best solution that allowed me to achieve the 3D effect, AND get it done in the short time I had. Elegent? Maybe not, but it tied in with the Universe theme nicely.

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