Video: AC Boardwalk Con Chalk Art Time Lapse Video – Featuring Stan Lee

Now this is a piece of art I was proud to make. I was asked to appear at the First Annual AC Boardwalk Con in Atlantic City, where I was to create an Amaznig Spider-Man cover with original art by Skottie Young. I am always excited for a new show, but Mr. Young is one of my favorite artists, and the subject matter of the cover was none other than The Man himself, Stan Lee.

Mr. Lee was supposed to be at the show, but had to cancel due to health reasons. Although I was disappointed, that man is a National Treasure so whatever it takes for him to feel better I am all for it. I still was absorbed in my work, and for 26 hours I blended colors while sitting on the hard concrete floor of the Atlantic City convention center. In the end, I had a piece I was exceptionally proud of, and even Skottie Young started following me on my Twitter account, so thats cool!

As always, let me know what you think in the comments below, and please feel free to SHARE as much as you want. I make the videos “public” on my Youtube page to make them as easy to share as possible.

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