Video: Anime Central 2014 Blood Lad chalk art time lapse


Now this was a fun job. I was asked to create a chalk mural at Anime Central 2014 for VIZ Media to promote the North American DVD release of Blood Lad. The art style is unique, and the image I was asked to recreate was very different from most chalk art murals I make. There were a lot of flat colors, which for anyone who has worked in chalk knows, is NOT easy to pull off. In the end, after 25 hours of sketching and chalk work, I was very pleased with the result.

Also, a version of this time lapse video is going to be included on the DVD release as a BONUS FEATURE, which is simply awesome!

Anime Central is one of my favorite shows. It is always such an awesome time, and both those running the show, and the fans in attendance, are simply great people. You owe it to yourself to attend if you haven’t been yet.

As always, any comments are more than welcome below. I love to hear what people think, and especially from those who couldn’t be there in person!

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