Video: C2E2 ‘Revolution’ Chalk Art Time Lapse for NBC

The streak is alive!!!

April 26th – 29th, I attended the C2E2 convention in Chicago, Illinois. This officially makes me 4 out of 4 on appearances at that show. I love C2E2, it has such an open, welcoming feel to it. The crowd is always enthusiastic, the venue is awesome, and the show never fails to go above and beyond your expectations.

This year I was asked by NBC to make a mural for the sci-fi series ‘Revolution’. They provided me with key art in the form of a character sheet. This made for a unique challenge, as most of the murals I create are based on illustrations. In this case, I had to spend extra time in figuring out how to represent the photographic elements in an illustrative way while I was working through the mural. It definitely added another layer of difficulty.

The above time lapse shows you all 30 hours of work that went into the create of this chalk mural in a mere 4 minutes and 11 seconds. Thanks to NBC for giving me the chance to create the artwork. Thanks, as always, to Reed Exhibitions for putting on another fantastic show. And thanks to all of you, the fans, who stopped by and kept me company while I worked, or who watched, enjoyed and/or shared this video. You guys and gals rock!

As always, comments are more than welcome below!

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