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Video: Otakon 2012 Chalk Art Time Lapse

Another year, and another Otakon has come and gone. I seriously love this show with all of it’s Manga, Anime, J-Rock and Cosplay inspired crazy goodness. Once again I was asked to take up residence in Artist Alley in the lower level of the Baltimore Convention Center, and spend 30 hours creating a massive mural, this time based on the work of artist Del Borovic.

A theme to this year was "Cooking", going so far as to have number of recipes throughout the official program. The image I had to recreate was of Otakon mascot Hiroko in a kitchen TRYING to create pancakes, but obviously having some difficulty. In the background is a stuffed toy version of their other mascot, Hiroshi, along with several photos of him on the cabinet doors.

Throughout the piece are a number of Easter-Egg references to cool things at the show. In all, the detail, lighting and amount of background work in the piece was amazing, and it was certainly a challenge to recreate.

You can also click here to see my 2011 Otakon Chalk Art Time Lapse to get an idea of what I have created in previous years.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hi, and most of all thanks to the staff of the Otakon for, as always, letting me be a part of an amazing event. Can’t wait until next year.


1 Random Comments { 09.16.12 at 3:59 pm }

Will there be a time-lapse video for your work at Star Wars Celebration VI?

2 Eric { 09.16.12 at 9:09 pm }

Yes, there will be a time lapse for the Celebration VI video. There is a bit more time involved in getting the proper permissions and approvals from Lucasfilm before the video can go online. But I am working with them currently and I expect it won’t be much longer before I can post it. Keep you eyes peeled!

3 Random Comments { 09.18.12 at 5:34 pm }

All right. I understand about the time for permissions (and putting it together takes some time, too!). I really enjoyed your work for Celebration V, and the usage of it to reveal Savage was brilliant. I saw the Celebration VI chalk art on the banner, and I know there isn’t a timelapse video for every work you do, so I wanted to make sure that one would be coming for this. Thanks!

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