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Video: Otakon 2014 Chalk Art Time Lapse

Just a few days ago I posted the photos from the Otakon chalk art. Well, now the time lapse video is approved and has gone live, so I get to share it with everyone! I was exceptionally happy with how this piece turned out. The colors are vibrant, the characters look spot on, and I love how the space background turned out.

Upon first seeing the art I was being asked to recreate, I was nervous about how accurate I could make the chalk mural. But I was shown once again that, with 27 hours of time, chalk can be persuaded to resemble almost anything (I say "persuaded" and not "made" because I have found you can’t MAKE chalk do anything. It is such temperamental medium).

As always, any comments are more than welcome below. I love to hear what people think, and especially from those who couldn’t be there in person!


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