Video: Shiftylook Chalk Art Time Lapse from C2E2 2012

It was my great honor to appear at the 3rd annual C2E2 convention and create a chalk mural for If you are not familiar with Shiftylook, they are an off-shoot of Namco Bandai games, where old video game characters are updated and given new life through webcomics. Their tagline is “Video Game Characters Reborn!”, and it is very fitting. They are free to read at the site, so go enjoy yourself!

At the convention, my location was surrounded by arcade cabinets running classics like Xevious and Sky Kid, plus some games like Scar and Bravoman that were never released in the United States. In fact, the opening video game music you hear in the above video was something I heard hundreds of times over the weekend. It had a way of burrowing into my brain, so I figured I would share that with you. You’re welcome.

The crowd was awesome, the convention, thanks to the fine folks at ReedPOP, was wonderful, and the 31 hours it took to complete the art were killer. My fingers were bleeding by the end of day ONE, something that doesn’t normally happen. But I found my groove and completed the art by around 12:30 PM on Sunday. Check it out in the time lapse video above. And, as always, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Now, seriously, go check out (Update 2018 – Shiftylook is no longer around, so links will not work. Thanks!)

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