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Video: Star Wars Celebration VI Interview with digitalgamebreak.com

Back at the end of August I appeared at Star Wars Celebration VI where I created a chalk mural for the newest season of The Clone Wars. The mural took 36 hours to make from start to finish and left me with some very raw and bloody fingertips.

As most of you also may know, I record the entire process and make a time lapse video to show all of the work from start to finish. I am still working on finalizing the details of my time lapse video with Lucasfilm. But while I work on getting all of that together, I thought I would share this awesome video of an interview I did with the folks over at digitalgamebreak.com on the final day of the show.

They put a lot of cool extras into this, including shots of me working, clips of other time lapse videos, and more. So please take two minutes and twenty nine seconds to enjoy this clip.

And check out the digitalgamebreak youtube channel for other great stuff from the show.


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