Video: Vestal High School Vincent van Gogh Chalk Art Mural

Even though I am mostly known for my chalk murals at giant conventions, I also like to work with some local school groups on smaller scale projects as I teach them about chalk art technique and what it is like to work in a public venue. The students are always full of energy and very excited by the project, and I have a great time showing them what can be done on a large scale in a fairly short amount of time.

Last week I was able to make such a piece with members of the Vestal High School art club in Vestal, New York. We recreated an 1887 Vincent van Gogh self portrait during a school art show, and completed the mural in just under three hours. As always, my trusty camera was there to record the process and allowed me to create the time lapse video above.

My special thanks to Mr. Bowers who runs the art club and arranged both the show and our appearance. Thanks also go out to the Vestal School District for letting us create some performance art for everyone to enjoy. And most important, thanks to all of the students who participated in creating the work. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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