Chalk Art Yoda for Julyfest Street Painting

Star Wars Chalk Art featuring Yoda

I have been a huge fan of Star Wars since I was a little kid. I still remember waiting in line for Return of the Jedi like it was just last summer. I rushed out of school to the local mall only to find a line of 72 (I counted) people already waiting to see the movie which didn’t even start for another 5 agonizing hours.

As the evening progressed, I watched helplessly as more and more people budged into the line ahead of me. Time ticked away, my brother, his friends and myself discussed all things Star Wars, and I even was photographed by the local newspaper writing a story on the event. Out of the hundreds of people in line, I was the person featured in the living section the next day right above the review of the film.

In the end, we made it in to the first showing. The theater held about 215 people. They closed the doors about 10 people behind us, so I figure over 130 people got in line ahead of us in those 5 nerve-wrecking hours.

I’ve owned tons of toys and figures, read the comics, and even enjoyed the prequels to more of an extent than most because I could still get lost in that fantasy kids world and didn’t need some dark and cool approach to the newer films. I watch the Clone Wars animated series on Cartoon Network, and still dream of being able to make one of my street art murals for Lucasfilm some day at a big convention like the San Diego Comicon. If the stars align and things go my way, maybe someday I’ll make that dream come true.

In the mean time, I was asked to appear at a family-oriented July Fest celebration last summer. I was given a choice of subject matter, and figured it was the perfect time to draw a gigantic chalk art Yoda. I only had 5 hours to make the piece, so I had to rush the details, but it was still a lot of fun and the crowd seemed to enjoy it very much. It was even filmed in time lapse, a brief clip of which can be seen in the WSKG Expressions episode I was on. A link to the video can be found on my Videos Page, and the Yoda time lapse appears briefly at the 3:50 mark. The post on my other Star Wars Chalk Art Mural can be found here. Enjoy the images.

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