Zombies… we all love them.

Zombies. Everyone loves them. C’mon, admit it. Even your Grandmother thinks zombies are awesome! They make for great movies and for great illustrations too. For anyone who has even approached the art form of sequential storytelling and comic books zombies are a MUST draw from time to time. They even play a role in a graphic novel I am working on. Truth be told, they probably play a part in most peoples would-be graphic novels these days and there are probably one hundred thousand zombie concepts floating around in artists heads. But for some reason, they keep coming back, I guess the undead have a way of doing that… coming back.

I’ve done more than a few zombie sketches in my time and I thought I would throw a couple of them up today cause, well frankly, that is just the kind of mood I am in. Enjoy this look at the shambling, rotting, walking dead!


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