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Hellboy Original for C2E2 Art Auction

Hellboy original pencil art by illustrator Eric Maruscak.
9"x12" Pencil Original. Click to enlarge.

I love C2E2, it is a fantastic show with a great atmosphere and wonderful fans. It is also a show that likes to give back. This year they are having their Third Annual C2E2 Charity Auction to benefit The St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and a large number of amazing artists are contributing work for the cause. I wanted to contribute as well, so I have included the original Hellboy piece above as my entry into the auction.

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Jimmy vs. Vampires

Jimmy vs. Vampires book cover, with art by Illustrator Eric Maruscak

In my last post I talked about one of my illustration projects with author J.B. O’Neil called Grandma vs. Zombies. Another book in the Family Avengers Series is Jimmy vs. Vampires. While the book is complete and the illustrations done, it is not yet available to order, so why don’t I give you a little sneak peak at the fun?

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Grandma vs. Zombies

Grandma vs. Zombies book cover, with art by Illustrator Eric Maruscak

Even though I am mostly known for my chalk art, I have been working hard to make my illustration and cartooning work seen by a wider audience. I have had the good fortune to work with author J.B. O’Neil on a couple of his books, which focus on good natured, gross-out humor that pre-teen kids really seem to eat up. Our first book together was the extremely fun Grandma vs. Zombies which features one of the most butt-kicking old ladies you are ever likely to meet.

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Video: Toy Fair 2014 Chalk Art Time Lapse

As you saw in my photos a few days ago, I was asked to appear at the 2014 International Toy Fair for the Toy Industry Association and create chalk art based around the theme of "Creative Play".

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Toy Fair 2014 Chalk Art Photos

Progress on the Superhero from the Toy Fair 2014 Chalk Art.

I have been honored to create art at the International Toy Fair for the Toy Industry Association on three separate occasions. Most recently I was given the theme of "Creative Play" and asked to run with it. Unlike previous works I have made, this time we decided to create 4 individual panels instead of one large illustration. This was both to fit in the space provided on the show floor, and so that the finished images would also fit in the Toy Industry Association’s offices after the shown.

The convention was amazing, and there is so much to see there as it takes up the entire Javitz Center in New York City for four days. I have a high traffic spot near the entrance, and it was great that so many people not only saw my work, but that they also stopped by to find out more about what it is that I do.

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Long Beach Comic Con: John Carpenter’s Asylum Chalk Art

Eric Maruscak, artist from pepperink.com, creates a giant chalk mural for John Carpenter's Asylum at the Long Beach Comic Con.

Back in November I was fortunate enough to be asked by to come out to California and make a chalk mural at the Long Beach Comic Con. The art was for the comic book Asylum by John Carpenter (yes, THAT John Carpenter) and is produced by Storm King Productions. It was truly an honor to be making art associated with one of the masters of horror, and director of some of my all time favorite films.

Asylum is a wonderful horror/supernatural book with the story by Thomas Ian Griffith and Sandy King, written by Bruce Jones, and featuring incredible art by Leonardo Manco. The description on the Storm King website reads:

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the-gutters.com webcomics

I have done webcomics for various sites over the years, and one I enjoy coming back to (when they’ll have me) is the-gutters.com. Not what you’d call family friendly, the-gutters is as it’s name implies, a down-and-dirty look at the comic industry and all of the things that go with it.

Cartoon for a 2013 edition of the-gutters webcomic by illustrator Eric Maruscak. Cartoon for a 2011 edition of the-gutters webcomic by illustrator Eric Maruscak.
Click on an image to enlarge.

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2014 Toy Fair Illustration

Cartoon art for the 2014 International Toy Fair by Illustrator Eric Maruscak.

Click to enlarge (but only if you want to).

I have made several appearances over the years at the International Toy Fair in New York City, creating chalk art for the Toy industry Association and Peru Meridian Studios.

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