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3D Batman Chalk Art at the Sweet Chalk Festival, Lockport NY

I was asked to appear at the Sweet Chalk Festival in Lockport, NY in August. Since I am known for my superhero chalk art, AND people really like the 3D anamorphic chalk images you see all over the internet, it was requested that I combine to two. So I created an original illustration of a broken street revealing the Batcave, as well as a very surprised Batman underneath.

3D Batman original artwork and Chalk Art by illustrator Eric Maruscak.
Original illustration and Chalk by Eric Maruscak.
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Batman chalk art under tarps at the end of day one, by illustrator Eric Maruscak. Eric Maruscak works on his 3D Batman chalk art as the pavement dries from overnight rain. Blue chalky footprints at the Sweet Chalk Festival in Lockport, NY.

After completing the original illustration and getting approval, I traveled to the lovely town of Lockport where a number of other artists as well as myself transformed canal street into an art gallery. Everyone’s work was amazing, and people worked through difficult conditions on the first day including 30 mile an hour wind gusts and overnight rain.

Apart from some repair work due to rain water seeping under my tarps, the work went well and I am really happy with the finished effect. Special thanks goes out to Sweet Rides Rentals for organizing the festival, as well as all of the event sponsors who made the show possible. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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