Chalk Art Joker from DC Comics by Alex Ross

Alex Ross Chalk Art Joker

Since I began creating chalk art and street art murals, I have made a number of Alex Ross painting recreations. The blended style of his work, plus his iconic take on comic book heroes using a realistic approach to lighting and proportions, not only makes them amazingly fun to draw but really darn impressive when finished. In fact, my favorite mural I’ve made was an Alex Ross Captain America image for the 2008 New York Comic Con, you can find a post on that here.

When I got the chance to make another chalk mural for a local art walk last October, I thought The Joker would be a fitting image. It also was good timing becuase the The Dark Knight had been out since summer, and everyone was now very familiar with Heath Ledger’s amazing performance. Once again, my time was limited by the setting sun, so I only had three hours to make this piece. I chose this image not only because it was kick-butt cool, but also because it has a limited color pallet which would make it faster to finish. I buckled down and got it done just under the wire.

Because I worked so fast, I didn’t stop very often to take progress shots, but below is a brief gallery from start to finish. Enjoy the images.

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