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Otakon 2011 Time Lapse Photography

I had made appearances at the Otakon Conventions in 2008 and 2009 but missed 2010. So I was really happy when they asked me to come back for their 2011 Convention in Baltimore, MD. If you haven’t been to the show you are missing an amazing time as it celebrates Anime, Manga and all things related to Asian pop culture. It truly is a sight to behold when thousands of people descend upon the Inner Harbor in some of the most lavish and detailed costumes you are likely to see at ANY show. As always, I had a great time, the people were wonderful and the convention was a big success.

August 13, 2011   1 Comment

Video: ConventionScene.com Zombie Chalk Art

This was a chance to make something different. Instead of a live performace at at a show, I made this Zombie Chalk Art Time Lapse Video for conventionscene.com right in my livingroom. Convention Scene is a site dedicated to providing information about tons of conventions, appearances, and everything that might interest people about a wide range of con news. They are a great resource to stay up-to-date with everything convention related.

July 19, 2011   No Comments

Video: Vestal High School Vincent van Gogh Chalk Art Mural

Even though I am mostly known for my chalk murals at giant conventions, I also like to work with some local school groups on smaller scale projects as I teach them about chalk art technique and what it is like to work in a public venue. The students are always full of energy and very excited by the project, and I have a great time showing them what can be done on a large scale in a fairly short amount of time.

May 24, 2011   No Comments

Video: C2E2 Green Lantern Chalk Art Time Lapse

The C2E2 convention was amazing last weekend, and in 30 hours I completed my Green Lantern Chalk Mural. The original art was by the amazing Ivan Reis.

March 27, 2011   3 Comments

Photos from the 2011 C2E2 Ivan Reis Green Lantern Chalk Mural

Illustrator and chalk mural artist Eric Maruscak works on a Green Lantern chalk mural based from an Ivan Reis illustration at the 2011 C2E2 Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

Once again this past weekend I packed up my art materials and paper, caught a flight to Chicago with my girlfriend Mary in tow as my lovely assistant, and appeared at the second annual C2E2 Convention (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) at McCormick Place where I spent 30 hours on the floor recreating an Ivan Reis illustration of the Green Lantern in chalk. Why do I do things like this you ask? Because it is fun, darn it…. and I love a challenge.

March 23, 2011   3 Comments

2010 Convention Chalk Art Recap

I’ve been looking at my website statistics, and I see I still get quite a few new visitors to the site every day. So even though we are already a month into 2011, I thought I might do a quick recap of my 2010 chalk art highlights from my convention appearances. This way some of my best chalk murals from the past year were all in one place for everyone to enjoy. With big new clients and some very memorable shows, 2010 was my best year yet, and I can only hope as I gear up for my upcoming appearances that 2011 can come close. Enjoy the art!

February 1, 2011   1 Comment

Video: Yu-Gi-Oh! chalk mural for Toonzaki.com

The New York Comic Con has come and gone, and I completed my Yu-Gi-Oh! chalk mural in approximately 28 hours. My fingers and back are killing me, but the above time lapse video shows how the artwork turned out, so to me it was all worth it.

October 13, 2010   4 Comments

Video: NY Comic Con 2010 Mural Sketch Time Lapse

The New York Comic Con is just around the corner. I’ll be there right at the main entrance creating this years chalk mural for 4Kids Entertainment, Toonzaki.com and the 10th Anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! Check out the time lapse video above as I draw out the 6 hour sketch to see just how crazy-detailed this thing is going to be. See you at the show!

October 5, 2010   No Comments