Photos from the C2E2 Alex Ross Avengers Chalk Mural


Chalk Art Alex Ross Avengers with Iron Man, Thor and Hulk
Avengers by Alex Ross – Made for C2E2 in Chicago.

So as many of you, most of you, or perhaps even all of you already know, I appeared at C2E2 a few weeks back. I had been asked by the show to make one of my chalk art mural reproductions of the official C2E2 poster artwork. This was a fantastic painting made by none other than super-artist Alex Ross. It featured Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and a very small Ant Man and The Wasp practically hidden in Hulk’s hair.

I knew from the first moment I saw the artwork that the fine details were going to practically kill me, but once again I rolled up my sleeves, and 23 hours of work later I had yet another completed chalk mural for my collection. The nice thing about this mural was that I finally had the chance to make a complete time lapse video of the entire process from beginning to end.

I had invested in a new Ricoh GX100 camera that had a built in interval timer allowing me to take nearly 1800 photos at 50 seconds apart. I stitched these images together to create a 4 minute time lapse movie of the full 23 hours. Add in a few candid photos from the show and sync the whole thing to the convention anthem Going Home by Kirby Krackle, and voila! You can click here to see this fine little time lapse video from C2E2.

Below are my usual gallery of photos from the show, documenting the ups and downs of my three days on the floor. Check them out, and as always feel free to comment away on the good, bad, or what you thought of Iron Man 2. It’s all good.

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