Scarecrow Pencil Sketch

Random Pencil Sketches Part 1

Just wanted to drop a quick post this evening to show some older work. Even though I am known mostly as a chalk artist, I still consider myself an Illustrator first are foremost. I work in a number of different formats, and don’t like to lock myself in to the chalk art mold as that ignores so many other things I like to do. Since I was a young child I loved to doodle with a pencil as much as possible. Unfortunately this included inappropriate times, like when everyone else was working on math, and in inappropriate places, like ON my math book!

To this day, I think I am more impressed with pencil work that I am with finished art sometimes. When at a comic convention I make sure to check out the sketch books of as many illustrators as I can, and I love to see the work that was laid down before ink or paint ever touched the paper. A lot of comic book companies now scan artist’s pencil drawings into the computer and color directly onto the sketch as long as the line work is tight enough. I’ve adopted this process as well and find it to be a great way to create some really killer looking illustrations.

Here are a few sketches I’ve played with when I found a little time between conventions and chalk art appearances. These are older drawings and I can see just shy of one million things I would like to draw differently about them, but I’ll include them here anyway. Enjoy!


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