Video: C2E2 Chalk Mural, complete Time Lapse


As most of you know I was at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo this past weekend, otherwise known as C2E2. I can’t say enough good things about the show or the people at Reed Exhibitions who run it.

There was truly an incredible amount of artists and celebrities to see, panels to go to, and stuff to buy. But of course, I wasn’t there to see the show, I had my spot on the floor and would spend about 19 hours there creating my chalk mural recreation of the official C2E2 poster art by Alex Ross. There was only one scary moment when I found they had opened the doors during the night and the wind had flipped my paper but I handled it really well and after some touch ups you wouldn’t know it happened. After a few successful time lapse tests, this was my first long recording over a three day show and I really didn’t know how it would turn out until I got home and edited it together.

So above I present the C2E2 mural in it’s ENTIRETY. The sketch you’ll see at the beginning is already in my previous video, but I re-included it here just to make it a complete record of the process.

Big thanks have to go out to:

  • Alex Ross and his wife who were gracious, kind, and nice enough to not point out the endless number of flaws in my reproduction.
  • The entire crew that ran C2E2, but especially Pete, Larry, Kim, Lance and the whole staff and all the volunteers at Reed Exhibitions.
  • My friend Mike Scigliano from the Long Beach Comic Con who was constantly introducing me to new people all weekend, and introducing those people to my art
  • The guys at for disproving the old urban legend by feeding me pop rocks and coke and then letting me sit in on their Sunday night podcast recording. I didn’t die. Be sure to check them out!
  • Kirbykrackle for the use of their incredible music, find their albums and I promise they’ll be getting repeated play on your ipod

I would also like to draw some attention to my neighbors in artist alley. I was near some amazing artists who put up with clouds of chalk dust all weekend so the least I can do is direct your attention to their incredible talent.

  • Michael Beazley and his book The Grimm
  • Tyler Walpole who had amazing digital paintings on display.
  • Andrew Kudelka who has one of those simple yet dramatic and unique art styles that I love.
  • Andy Brase who is a master at his craft, and really deserves credit on all of the books that use his art for cover illustrations… not naming any publishing companies though.

But most of all, thanks all of the people who came out to the show, kept stopping back to check out my progress on the mural and gave me their endless support and energy. I couldn’t make these murals without you!

9 thoughts on “Video: C2E2 Chalk Mural, complete Time Lapse”

  1. Dennis Anderson

    Hey, awesome work!

    Do you work over paper, vinyl or what material? Really got interested in trying that.

  2. Actually I work on a black craft paper when I am indoors. I do this for two reasons, one: the show doesn’t want to clean it up when I am done, and two: a lot of concrete floors are treated and too smooth to hold the chalk. The paper is a roll 36″ wide by 1000 feet long, so I lay out three strips of it and seam them together to make one giant 9 foot by 14 foot piece.

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  4. You’re very talented. I love watching your art “come to be.” Plus the end of that video was hysterical. LOL.

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